Reminder: October 17th through October 24th 2018

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Cross, here is the reminder for the upcoming week.
Thank you Stan Post for conducting the church service in Pastor's absence last week.

Bible Study ~9am
Meditation, Prayer and Music ~ 10:15am-10:30am
Worship Service 1030am (with communion)
Communion Assistants ~Harold and JoAnn Hees
Assisting Minister ~ Linda Haynes
Altar Guild ~ Joyce Frey, Bobbie Miner, Lee Price
Ushers ~ Bob and Pat Reiner
Lectors ~  Edie Bischoff
Cookies ~ Rhonda Hahn and Mary Alice Nugent
Flowers ~ Monica Morris

Council Person of the week ~ Rita Hartman

Men's Breakfast ~ October 18th at La Taquieria

As seen above, from 10:15 to 10:30, the sanctuary will be in use for a time devoted to music, meditation, and prayer, in preparation for worship. Please be courteous to those
already seated.

We have a new sign up station for Ushers, Readers, Flowers and Cookies, it is located outside the Secretary's office. Please have a glance at it and and feel free to sign up for
what might interest in you. Thank you John and Pat Enstrom for your ideas and implementation of this project!

Rebecca Stapleton announced she would like to start a "Prayer Warriors" Group. This would entail taking the notes from our "prayer wall" and giving each warrior a note or
two to pray over. If interested, please see sign up sheet or contact Rebecca. All prayer requests will be held in the utmost confidence. Please feel free to add your own prayers.

Choir practice will be held every Tuesday at 5pm at the church from now on.
If interested in joining Choir, please contact Toni Post. You do not need to read music to be a part of this special group.

WELCA Bible Study is held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 930am at the Church. Please join with us on Thursday Nov. 8th at 9:30 when we meet to discuss Week 7 of
“It’s Tough Being a Woman. I call this session “Esther’s Success” when she saved the Jews from annihilation.
Come share with us your own unique experiences in today’s complex world. What a joy it will be to meet once again in our beautiful  church, our Lord’s house.

Please consider being an Altar Guild! They really need people to volunteer. If you are interested in Altar Guild, please contact Lee Price at 361.816.1173 or by email:  . This is a very important job and volunteers are really needed.

Castaways is still going strong, but needs extra help as some of the regulars will be unavailable. We need a Male Volunteer for Mondays if some gentleman could find some
time and as always, Wednesday afternoons are especially in need. In a joint effort between Peace Lutheran and Holy Cross there will be an Appreciation Party for all
volunteers at Castaways on October 18th at 5pm. (Please note time change) Remember, Volunteers and those interested in volunteering only please.

Jerry and Joyce Bjork have kindly offered to help the church with recycling, if you feel so inclined, please feel free to offer your service.

Devotional booklets for the season are on the table at the entrance of the church. Please pick one up.  

If you are a Lector/Reader and would like your Celebrate early to practice, please see me for a copy. I have them through the beginning of

If you have anything you would like added to future reminders, please let me know. Any information is good information.

Diana Grant
Holy Cross Lutheran Secretary
Castaway Location