Early Reminder 22-26 November

Worship Service at 8am
Adult Bible School at 9am
Worship Service at 1030am

Assisting Minister ~ Linda Haynes
Council person of the week ~ Gayle Fellman

Ushers ~ 8am Monica Morris
              1030am No Volunteers
Lectors ~ 8am No Volunteeers
              1030 No Volunteers
               (I may have made a mistake on No Lectors, if you signed up.. great!)
Cookies ~ 8am No Volunteers
               1030am Edie Bischoff

December 10th Fellowship Event (watch for details)

I did some light research and found that on Thanksgiving Day a Thanksgiving Lunch is being provided at the American GI
Hall. Grace at 1045am and lunch from 11am to 2pm.Turkey and all the fixings will be served. 1911 Hardee St, Rockport.

If you find yourself or others in need, this might be a great idea to enjoy a meal with others.

We still need Volunteers to fill the spots for 8am and 1030. Please check the sign up sheet and see if you can fill a spot. Thank
You SO much.

All work on the Parsonage is completed and was covered by our Windstorm insurance. Demolition work began at the church
last Tuesday.
Pastor is encouraging those who have keys to NOT enter the building. They are starting on the inside so please stay clear.