Reminder for the week of July 23rd  through July 29th  2017

Dear members and friends of Holy Cross,

Here is an update for upcoming church activities:
Sunday: 9:00am Adult Bible Study
Sunday: 10:00am Worship

Council Person of Week: Gayle Fellman
Assisting Minister: Toni Post
Lector: Edi Bischoff
Ushers: Gayle and Kathy Fellman
Altar Guild: Edie Bischoff and Teresa Mendoza
Cookies: Kathy Fellman

Check out the Holy Cross website it has been expanded and fully activated. Lots of great information, please take a
look at

Please when praying, don't forget to bless Teachers and Students.

July 30th will be Noisy Offering. Please make a note on your calendar.

THURSDAY: the 27th of July ~ 8 am Men's Breakfast ~ Taqueria Vallarta

There will be NO Newsletter for the month of July, if you have announcements you
need made, please contact me for additions to this reminder.

Please check the bulletin board for additional information, especially the charts to sign
up to usher, read or supply cookies or flowers.

Blessings to all.

Diana Grant
Holy Cross Lutheran Secretary