Weekly Reminder March 17th through March 24th 2018

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Cross, here is the reminder for the upcoming

Worship Service at 8am
Adult Bible School at 9am
Worship Service at 1030am

Assisting Minister ~ Vicky Hingst

Council person of the week ~ Gayle Fellman

Communion Assistants  
              8am ~ Dale and Ann Shutt

              1030am ~ Bob and Pat Reiner

Ushers ~ 8am ~ Monica Morris

              1030am ~  Dorothy Bogue

Lectors ~ 8am ~ Kathy Kambell
              1030am ~ Joyce Frey
Cookies ~  No One either service

March 20th ~ Lenten Service 530pm

March 22nd ~ Men's breakfast 8am at the Taqeria

Have a blessed weekend!

Diana Grant
Holy Cross Lutheran Secretary