Reminder July 11th through July 18th 2018

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Cross, here is the reminder for the upcoming week.

Worship Services to be held at the Yacht Club until the new building in complete.

Adult Bible Study ~ 9am ~ The Adult Bible study will, for the next three weeks, be taking an in-depth look at
Holy Communion. This Sacrament can become much richer and more meaningful for you just by participating
in this study/discussion for the next two weeks.

Worship Service at 1030am (Communion)
Communion Assistants ~ Stan and Toni Post
Altar Guilds ~ Ann Schutt and Carolyn Cauley
Assisting Minister ~ Linda Haynes
Ushers ~ 1030am ~ Linda Haynes
Lectors ~ 1030am ~ Edie Bischoff

Cookies ~1030am ~ Linda Haynes

Council Person of the Week ~ Angela Jeschke

July 12th  ~ Men's Breakfast ~ 8am at La Taqueria

Choir will resume after reopening of our church. Thank You for your patience.

If you are interested in Altar Guild, please contact Lee Price at 361.816.1173 or by email:  

Castaways is still in need of volunteers from our church. If you have a free Monday Morning, or a Wednesday ,
please drop by and help. To get our 50% share of profits, we need at least 3 additional workers on Monday and
Wednesday mornings.

Our church website has had over 5,000 hits! Thank you to Eddie Carpenter for keeping it up to date, If you
haven't looked lately, please do so : http://www.holycrossrockport Craig Brown had a great idea in adding
our current location. Eddie has done that for us~ Team Work!

If you have anything you would like added to future reminders, please let me know. Any information is good

Diana Grant
Holy Cross Lutheran Secretary
Yacht Club Location
Castaway Location