Weekly Reminder April 20th through April 27th 2018 & Yacht Club Map

​​Dear Members and Friends of Holy Cross, here is the reminder for the upcoming

Please note there will be no more 8am services.

Adult Bible School at 9am
Worship Service at 1030am

This Sunday, the 22nd we will begin services at the Yacht Club.

Attached is a Map with directions for parking, please follow them.

Assisting Minister ~ Toni Post

Council Person of the Week ~ Craig Brown

Ushers ~ 1030am ~ Tom and Cris Staley

Lectors ~ 1030am ~ Joyce Frey
Cookies ~1030am ~ Cris Staley

April 29th ~ Men's Breakfast 8am at La Taqueria

I can not stress enough the importance of signing up for Lectors, Ushers and
Cookies each Sunday, it will be your ONLY chance to do so. Only a few members
are carrying the weight, I would love to see some new names. I have noticed
Kathy Kampbell has been helping out and I so appreciate it. April is complete, I
will be bringing a May sign up this Sunday. Please consider signing up.

If you need anything added to the reminder please feel free to email me and I will
be sure to add it.

Hymns will now be in the booklets for the time being.


Diana Grant
Holy Cross Lutheran Secretary