Holy Cross Lutheran Church
    R o c k p o r t  -  F u l t o n,  T e x a s
You have a place at our table.....
Ministry teams consist of volunteers who apply their gifts and talents to the work of
the church.
  This ministry team will plan and implement ways to welcome all people and provide
Christian fellowship for all persons who enter Holy Cross Church such as:
Coffee Fellowship after worship, Church Fellowship and Functions (Pot-luck dinners,
etc.): Team members are responsible for planning and coordinating church-wide
dinners and special functions (this includes meal planning, set-up, and clean up
activities for these types of events)
The purpose of this ministry team is to provide Christ centered traditional and
contemporary worship experiences through music.
    The purpose of this ministry team is to care for the church facilities and property.
  The purpose of this ministry team is to develop within the congregation a fuller
understanding of Christian Stewardship and how this relates to our growing faith.
  The purpose of this ministry team is to announce the Good News of Jesus through
word and deed. Evangelism is a Greek word meaning good news. The word has the
same root as angels, messengers who announce good news.
  • Become an ambassador of Christ, Sunday through Saturday  
  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ during one-to-one conversations in
    daily life  
  • Invite family, friends and acquaintances to learn more about God’s love  
  • Invite people to join our congregation for worship, study, fellowship, and
  • Witness to Jesus by living a compassionate, gracious and loving life  
  • Welcome guests who come to church activities  
  • Encourage each other to grow in faith
  The purpose of this ministry team is to offer Christian love to families in time of
need (members caring for members) such as:
Cooking for Christ:
  Volunteers would meet in the church kitchen periodically to cook casseroles and
other dishes for meals and freeze them for future meals for families after funerals and
other special needs. Or, coordinate food items to take to members in need.
Member Care:
  Volunteers would call on members in need in homes, nursing homes, heath care
facilities, to offer companionship, trips outside their facility (where feasible), and keep
in touch via telephone and mail.
  The purpose of this ministry team is to provide information to the congregation and
the community about the church through newsletters, website, brochures and listings
in local newspapers and directories.
Communitiy Projects
  Holy Cross participates in the Good Samaritans Community Program and The     
Holy Cross supported Children's Backpack Project which provides food for       
homeless school children.  We need your support for both these programs by way
of donation or food.  A suggested shopping list for both is located on the bulletin
board in the Narthex of the church.