Message from Pastor Don ~ July 28th 2020

Psalm 145:8 The Lord is gracious and full | of compassion,
slow to anger and abounding in | steadfast love.
9 Lord, you are | good to all,
and your compassion is over | all your works.

What beautiful life messages are in this coming Sunday’s Psalm. Hard to leave out the rest of the verses, so you will have to also check out verses 14-21. What an awesome God we have. He holds back anger because he knows that, in our hearts, we are good. It is strange to read about this loving God when we know that much in the Old Testament is about a vengeful, angry God. But maybe, God was setting the stage in The Old Testament for what is to come in the New. God loves this creation so much that he was going to send his son, his very being, into this world to save the world.

God wants us to follow his example. We are called to rid ourselves of anger and vengeance, take up justice and peace, and emphasize goodness and compassion. Don’t judge the world by the wrongs being done by rioters. Judge it by those who love like God does, unconditionally and with grace and mercy.