Ministry Teams


In the Fall of 2019, Holy Cross decided to take a different approach to the idea of “ministry teams.”

Instead of focusing on interests, we each prayed about perceiving our own gifts and talents.


By the beginning of 2020, we had made a list of over 40 ways to serve in the church.

Each member checked all (or just 1) way or ways in which they felt they could use their gift or talent.


After compiling our responses, we now have working knowledge, so that whenever the need arises, we have names to contact for that need and the assurance that these persons are being asked to serve in an area they feel comfortable.

By searching our own souls first, we find ourselves doing multiple and various services.

Our “40+” list includes the areas of building, children, fellowship, God’s creation, leadership, music, outreach, stewardship, study, support, technology, and worship.


We know you will find a place where you will feel good about serving and appreciated for sharing your gift!