Weekly Reminder ~ July 29th through August 5th 2020

 Holy Cross WILL NOT  be open for service until further notice.
                         I however will be working my regular hours so feel free to stop by if you need something
For updates on our Church opening status, check facebook, our website (listed below) or these weekly reminders. Our Future is currently dictated by Covid and its increasing numbers. Please pray for us all as we fight this issue.
If you are having difficulty reading the Celebrate off the Website or Facebook, please do not hesitate to come by the office during my work hours and pick up a hard copy. I should have several weeks to give you in advance. 
Pastor Don will be providing his videoed online Service on his work days and a layperson will fill in on Pastor’s Days off.
Videos will continue to proceed as usual, You will be able to find them on our Facebook Page and on our Website as soon as they are published. https://www.facebook.com/HolyCrossLutheranChurchRockportTexas/ or https://holycrossrockporttx.org/
This week is Communion Sunday, here are instructions should you wish to commune at home.
Pastor Taylor will be celebrating Communion during the taped service. If you wish to partake in 
communion,  when viewing the tape, please make the following preparations. 

Pastor Taylor: We will be celebrating the  Lord’s Supper as part of our Sunday, August 2nd online worship service.  Here is what you need to prepare for the distribution time within the service.  Have beside you a table with a candle (if possible), a cross, a piece of bread (enough for your family) and some wine or grape juice (whichever you are accustomed to).  
At the proper time in the service Pastor Taylor will say the Prayer of Thanksgiving and we will simultaneously eat the elements we have brought to our home table. 
I will be out of the office sometime in August as my daughter is having a baby. If there are any volunteers out there that could man the phone it would be greatly appreciated.
The new Word in Season booklets have arrived, feel free to come by and pick one up! I have placed them in a box outside the church door in case you prefer No Contact.
The Call Committee has been preparing the Ministry Site Profile for a permanent Pastor, the council is working to get the paperwork submitted and on file. It is not an easy task, please keep them in your thoughts.
We are looking for individuals to fill two council person positions. Please contact Rhonda Hahn if you are interested.
Castaways is officially closed as of July 1st 2020 due to the increase in the Covid -19 numbers . Thank You to all volunteers that diligently worked and volunteered your time. Re-Opening is to be determined.  
Congregational Meeting re: Parsonage Rental. ~ will meet after we can gather again.
High School Senior Graduates Recognition will take place as soon as we can congregate
Prayer Warriors are still active~ you can send them to me via email. Your privacy will be  honored.
The Weekly Offering  can be sent to the church at PO Box 301 Rockport, TX 78381, or on our website https://holycrossrockporttx.org/ or you can simply drop it by the office during my work hours. Thank you for continuing to give despite our current situation.
Prayer Garden is still open 🙂 Come take a stroll and see all the blooming plants and the critters that come with it. It is a lovely spot to meditate or sit quietly. It is also a safe place to get out of the house.
A few things to remember: ~ For future reference: (Church closed for the time being)
                  *Church will be sanitized every Friday before service
                 * Bring and wear your face masks
                  *Hand sanitizers will be in all pews
                  * Pews will be blocked off to 6 feet apart seating    
                  * Enter side door, exit exit same door
                   *Service will be abbreviated and there will be NO singing.
                   *No Adult Bible Study or Sunday School
                   *There will be NO fellowship or refreshments afterwards.
If you have any further questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.
Blessings and Pray for one another.