R o c k p o r t  -  F u l t o n,  T e x
    a s
    R o c k p o r t  -  F u l t o n,  T e x
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    Holy Cross Lutheran Church (ELCA)
R o c k p o r t  -  F u l t o n,  T e x a s
10-21-18   Reminder: October 17th through October 24th 2018

In the name of our Lord, welcome! We're happy
for your visit.

Mission Statement
The purpose of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran
Church is to know, and joyfully share the love of
God in Christ.

Our Mission Statement tells you why we are here  
to know, and joyfully share, the love of God in
Christ. Our desire is to serve your needs and those
of other people in our community, so please feel
free to make known any request you might have.

Here at Holy Cross you are invited to share the
life, love and laughter that are so much a part of
our faith community.

I hope you will grant us the happy privilege of
greeting you and welcoming you face-to-face.

The presence and peace of the living Lord be with
Pastor George F. Haynes
Rev. George Haynes, Pastor
Church Office: 361-727-9140

For Pastoral Care call
Service Times
Sunday Worship
10:30 a.m.
1st and 3rd Sundays with communion
You are visitor                            since: Mar 16, 2016
2872 F.M. 1781
P.O. Box 301
Rockport, Texas